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“Black & Violet” from Nature’s Wisdom Collection 3/10

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Artwork Name: Black & Violet, limited edition of 12

Print: 3/12

From Collection: Nature’s Wisdom

Year of publishing: 2021


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Plain nothing becoming peculiar something through the mechanic eye of the lens. An ordinary waterscape turning into an extraordinary game of lines as the tangible dissipates into the abstract.

About Nature's Wisdom Collection

Unlike most of my work that's oriented towards urban and artificial, "Nature's Wisdom" is the study of the simple and timeless. This collection is the research of the unusual within the usual. Nature, as familiar as it might look, consists of unique fragments and you can never find two of the same. Here I explore what's can I find that's different within the simple repetition of nature's creations.

--The Artist

Limited edition prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity and they are signed and sent by the artist personally. After the edition is sold out, no more copies will be printed.

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32 x 24 inches


Violet, Black


Nature, Abstract


Nature's Wisdom


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80 x 60 centimeters / 32 x 24 inches (4:3 ratio); For custom sizes, please contact us at

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