Ally Cat Photography

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If you're serious about purchasing exclusive pieces of artwork before anyone else, you need to be on the VIP list.

The VIP list allows you to:
  • access collections that are not shared publicly, 
  • see and purchase limited edition prints before anyone else, 
  • learn about crypto art, and support the benefits of its development (this is still in the early phase, and I don't have a way to sell it in the store),
  • hear about my top-secret projects that I don't talk about on my website and social media.

Be the first to see new and exclusive work and purchase it before anyone else.

But be warned! My art is not for everybody.

  • It is not mainstream!
  • It will not match your curtains and couch.
  • It's not like what you see on Etsy or Amazon.
  • It might get disapproving stares from your not-so-open-minded neighbors and family members.
  • I never follow trends.
  • I am not a department store, and I don't make millions of copies to satisfy my customers' needs and wants. (This is EXACTLY what exclusive IS NOT about!)
  • I deeply question social norms. If you consider yourself "normal," this might not be the place for you.
  • If you're searching for expensive wall decor without any meaning to make you feel like a sophisticated snob, this is not it.
  • You will not see my art in ordinary people's homes.
  • In fact, my limited editions come in only 6 pieces! Likely, you will never see anybody having the same photograph as yours.

But if:

  • you prefer to stand out from the crowd,
  • want to spread some radical ideas,
  • and you support the contemporary art movement no matter what,

Join the VIP list for the crème de la crème of the art world!