Ally Cat Photography

Frequently Asked Questions


What are originals?

Originals are prints made and singed by the artist in her studio. They come with a Certificate of Authenticity which contains the information about the photograph and is the proof that it was purchased from the artist. Originals also contain forgery protection.

Every original is unique and different from all other prints in the edition. This ensures that every artwork can be identified by the specific properties and edition number.

Originals may slightly vary when printed from what you see on your screen. One reason is the color settings on your screen. Every screen processes color differently, so the colors on the actual photograph might be a bit different in real life than when viewed on the screen. Another reason is the forgery protection that is embedded directly into the photograph. Every original contains a detail that distinguishes it from other prints in the edition. This detail doesn't alter the overall look and feel of the photograph, but makes it slightly different from all others, and truly an original. In most cases this detail is hardly visible, but a trained eye can find it.

What are limited editions?

Limited editions are editions where the same photograph can be printed only a limited number of times. This ensures that the photograph is truly rare, scarce and precious.

Our limited editions start from 3 original prints, where #1 in the edition is reserved for the artist and is never for sale. #2 is reserved for the collectors and is always for sale. #3, if printed, is to be displayed in galleries and other public spaces where it can be experienced in person by anyone who wants to see it. In larger editions, print #4 and beyond are usually for sale.

Do you accept custom requests for originals?

Yes. We would love to adapt the artwork to best suit your interior.

For custom requests, please contact us at

What are the sizes of the originals?

Because originals are hand-made by the artist, they can be custom-tailored to the needs and the interior of the buyer, as long as the original ratio is kept.

Originals are usually large prints, 0,8 x 0,6 meters for 4:3 ratio and larger.

If the buyer doesn't have size requests, the size is determined by the artist.

For any questions regarding the size, please contact us on

Size doesn't affect the price of the artwork as long as no special procedure is needed for the printing (super-large prints). In case the artwork can't be printed in a certain size (usually extra-extra-large) without the loss of quality, the artist reserves the right to print the artwork in the most suitable size or to not print or sell the artwork at all.

Are originals available in small sizes?

Usually no. Because of the limited nature of the originals, we prefer to print them in large sizes that showcase the details of the artwork in the best possible way. However, if you are looking for something specific, we suggest you contact us at

Note that the price of the artwork is not related to its size.

Can you create a mockup with my interior and your original artwork?

Yes. Please send us the photo of the interior where you want to display your artwork and the correct dimensions, and we'll provide a mockup of the space with the selected artwork or artworks. Our email is

Note that we only create mockups for original artworks, not for reproductions.

Are artworks framed?

No. Framing drastically increases the risk of damage during transportation.

We recommend framing at your local framing service or purchasing a frame yourself. If you're purchasing a frame, note that it should be slightly larger than the photograph. Simple frames that don't distract from the artwork work best.

If you need help framing your artwork, consult us at

Do you create custom artworks?

Usually no, but we suggest you contact us. Our email is

The artist's database counts 50 000+ images, and in case you have a special request we might find something for you.

Due to the complexity of the process, the artist doesn't take commissions unless otherwise stated.

Do you create custom gallery walls or other solutions for large spaces?

Yes and no. While the artist loves curating her work, she is not always available. We suggest you contact us on with your specific request, and we'll get back to you with the details.

What are reproductions?

Reproductions are copies produced and delivered by our partner printing service. They are not singed, numbered and protected. They do not come with a Certificate of Authenticity. They are more affordable versions of the originals.

The size of reproductions is determined by the printing service and in most cases these prints are smaller than the originals.

What are open editions?

Open editions are editions where an artwork can be reproduced unlimited number of times. All reproductions come in open editions. They are printed on-demand by the buyer and there are no limits in how many times they can be sold.

Do you accept custom requests for reproductions?

No. Reproductions are sold "as-is" and we don't offer customization. All available options are listed on the reproduction product page.