Ally Cat Photography

Meet the Ally Cat


Should you for any reason want to experience the world of Aleksandra a.k.a. the Ally Cat in person, you can do so by visiting Belgrade, RS. Send her an email at and bring your best or your worst camera since photo-expeditions are inevitable.

She loves restaurants, long walks, extraordinary places that not many people know about, fancy chocolates, limitless freedom, hanging out with animals and her cat soulmate Besa Besa. On the flipside, she can't stand cigarettes, has a lifelong problem with authority and talks very very very much. If this is okay, feel free to take her to some nice pasta or spaghetti. She rarely takes in clients, but she can't say no to an enthusiastic adventurer.

Should you be crazy enough to write to her, please be polite and introduce yourself. Thank you!

Don't worry, she's crazy too. In a good way.

About Ally

  • Born on June 29th, 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Cross-disciplinary artist specializing in acting (since 2008) and photography (since 2015), with a tendency to experiment a lot
  • Grown up with animals, mostly cats
  • After a couple of years of obsession with Tarot cards, she got an ability to channel, which coupled with her extroverted nature means that she talks very much about weird stuff (and she enjoys it very much)
  • Values freedom in all forms from creative, to time and financial freedom, to the freedom of expression and choice

In pictures

And if anybody wants to know

- Astrology: Cancer Sun, Gemini Ascendant, Leo Moon

- Numerology: Life path 6, Soul Destiny 9

- Meyers-Brigs: ENFP-T

- Human Design: Manifestor 4/6, Emotional Authority

- Besa Besa: Tuxedo cat born in 2019, most likely in Cancer season (found in August)