Ally Cat Photography
The morning becomes the evening

"Motion" from Nature's Wisdom Collection

As we are swayed gently (and sometimes not so gently), we learn where our balance is.
- Ally Cat Photography

The position

of the Sun

tells the time

of the day.

The shape

of the Moon

tells the time

of the month.

And the constellations

of stars

tell the time

of the year.

We could say

we live in a

giant clock.


the giant clock

is not linear time

in which are trapped.

We are time



after moment.


- Every photograph is hand-crafted and unique and contains "a twist" that can be used to easily distinguish the original from a forgery.

- The size of the artwork is tailored to your wall and is no less than 1.2 x 0.9 meters (4:3 ratio). I reserve the right to decide on the size of the artwork in case you don't have a custom size request. While the size of the artwork can be custom, the ratio is fixed, and it's 4:3 and can't be altered. Altering the ratio would result in the loss of the integrity and the quality of the artwork.

- Artworks are not framed.

- Production and delivery times may vary depending on the complexity of the process. Please leave a valid email address so we can contact you regarding the details of the delivery of your artwork.

- All sales are final. We can't offer refunds once the production process starts.

About the artwork:

Name: Motion

Collection: Nature's Wisdom

Published: 2021

Edition: Limited

Certificate of Authenticity: Yes

Cost of the artwork: $9,500.00, shipping included

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