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Some sort of introduction

Many photographers start their introduction with a story about beauty or memories. I usually start my introduction by claiming I'm not a photographer.

I don't do weddings or commissions of any kind. And since I'm the most irresponsible person I know, you probably don't want me documenting your wedding.

I photograph simple things. Moments, but not memories. I don't go back to the past. And I can't say I have much sense of beauty.

When I suffer from a headache or overwhelm, endless scrolling through my gallery gives me relief. I can't claim my photos have healing properties, but photography captures the energy of the moments. And I capture moments of peace, fun, enjoyment, curiosity, surprise, or excitement. I used them to make myself feel better.

I kept those pictures for myself for a very long time. But I felt called to open the gallery and start selling prints so everybody can experience the magic. Even though in 2021, no one can complain about not having enough photographs.

No matter what market research says, I'm happy doing my thing. And even though many parts are still not in place, I invite you to indulge in my gallery and treat yourself to a piece of unusual art.

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2 thoughts on “Some sort of introduction

  1. I love this, and the message in the email I received today. I can’t wait for the shop to open! Thank you for offering cat wisdom and luv.

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